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In 2015, the old car is scrapped Pilot Trailer and Application Guide

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First, the basic principles
One is Fuyoufuqiang. Preferred theme distinctive, good basic conditions, strong role model and support the introduction of relevant policies, the effect is obvious in the pilot project.
Two is focused. With the support of key national "along the way", the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River economic belt and other countries of the economic development strategy of energy saving and emission reduction and transport across the region and on the safety of pilot project, environment, energy and other effects of larger projects.
Three is the competition and choosing the best. Energy saving and emission reduction of road transport, jilt hang transport pilot project by experts to determine.
Four is open, fair, justice. Energy saving and emission reduction of road transport, jilt hang transport pilot project in the Ministry of transport of online publicity for 7 days without objection, the Ministry of Finance issued capital verification report.



Two, the scope of the declaration
(a) transportation energy conservation, including green transportation, green transportation, green city transportation equipment (natural gas vehicle), green road, green port project and the ability of energy saving and emission reduction projects.
(two) the road to jilt hang transport pilot: mainly including multimodal transport trailer, trailer, enterprise alliance network left hanging, transportation and city distribution between left hanging in line with the pilot project development of semi-trailer swap transport direction, as well as other provinces with the actual development and can effectively promote the road freight, green development topics pilot project.
(three) the old car is scrapped update:
During the 1.2015 years from January 1st to December 31st, sold to scrap car recycling and dismantling enterprises, the use of more than 10 years (including 10 years) and did not reach the specified service life of t

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